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In this century, the time of drastic changes, one who doesn't learn, step by step, about so many things, is lagging behind the pace of life. "Knowledge is light, but ignorant people are dark crowds" - said the famous Russian humorist Arkady Raikin.

This simple wisdom can be sensed, perhaps, especially clearly when it comes to modern technologies. In many areas here, and by no exclusion in consumer electronics, audio/video and home automation systems, the progress has reached the point when competitive quality, success, and further development require vast, diverse, in-depth knowledge and often perfectionistic attention to details.

To provide the level of technical competence and confidence needed for trade companies’ staff (sales-persons, managers), aspiring technology experts, and installation specialists - this is our goal.

A&T trade presents an independent educational program - the "University of Sound", run for about 10 years already by our leading experts in Hi-Fi and High End audio, video and installation technologies. We offer theme-specific, balanced in difficulty, and regularly updated programs for professional development and self-motivated education in related industry. Over 1000 students from 32 cities of Russia successfully graduated from our courses, as of today. On many occasions, our sessions featured guest lectures by world-renown specialists in the field. There are several theme-based “faculties”: Audio, Video, Home Cinema, and Installation faculties, as well as a special program for designers and architects.

Each session is a separately planned and announced event rather than scheduled routine; therefore we suggest inquiring about the next event dates via our contacts.