A&T Trade Hi-Fi, High End, CI - a leading Distributor in Russian Consumer Electronics and A/V Market, a well known and respected company with a strong and broad portfolio of products, which is able to satisfy the demand of CI dealers, chain stores and independent Hi-Fi retailers.

Benefits of cooperation with A&T trade

Consistent communication with emerging market of Russia
Manage any supply chain risks with reliable, qualified partner
Improved stability of revenue and sales
Best practices shared with manufactures

Trusted Partner

A&T trade is a Powerful Company with professional approach to distribution, marketing know hows and access to market segments where no other A/V distributors are not able to penetrate.
Company reputation demonstrates highest responsibility; influence and control over the market; experienced technical expertise; pre-sales, after-sales support and warranty service; long-term reliable partnership with dealers and suppliers.
A&T trade offers a broad range of equipment for stereo set-ups, home theatres and automation. The One Stop distribution strategy allows us to satisfy every need of a contractor or integrator. We offer a full range of products starting from controllers and Wi-Fi routers, ending with cables, loudspeakers and cameras.
Over 400 dealers in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and throughout the territory of EACU – EuroAsian Customs Union
Strong credit history and financial backing confirmed by an independent audit; open credit terms both with international manufacturers and Russian banks
International and last mile logistics: streamlined and efficient warehouse system and logistics infrastructure fully integrated in supply chain support for a variety of channels
Marketing services: In-house marketing team provides marketing, POS management and information support about brands
Online B2B partner platform: online purchasing, special pricing and comprehensive product information
E-commerce: opening and managing online stores and marketplaces
Best choice for new vendors


A&T trade Dealership
A&T trade is specialised in distribution, retail and corporate supplies of audio/video, electronic components, Home Automation systems, personal audio and accessories.
A&T trade Dealership
For A&T trade dealers, the company provides a full range of services, such as B2B up-to-date warehouse ordering and logistics system; efficient flexible financing tools, in-house marketing support.
A&T trade Dealership
A&T trade operates with a wide range of sales channels, offline and online to wholesale and retail customers, across Russia and in the EuroAsian Customs Union member states: Belarus and Kazakhstan. In-house expertise enables the company to facilitate effective work and successful sales.



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University of Sound - A&T trade learning center

Founded in 2005 University of Sound is an incredible educational initiative, enabling A&T trade dealers to provide professional services to end customers.
Founded in 2005, University of Sound is an incredible educational initiative, enabling A&T trade dealers to provide professional services to end customers.
Participants have to pass an intensive 5 day training session in a special separate area outside the city. They fully immerse themselves into Audio, Video and Customs Installation topics via lectures, seminars and workshops.
During the courses, the learners mutually benefit from interaction with other specialists of different geographical and professional backgrounds. That is a great opportunity to broaden their horizons in Hi-Fi and automation sales and installations.
Since the start of the World Pandemic, we have added alternative online courses to the University of Sound program. There are a variety of sessions on different topics. One session consists of 8 lessons with an open discussion. It lasts for two weeks and students must visit every lesson to be able to participate in the final test and get the certificate.
Upgrading professional skills and product knowledge increases the reputation of A&T Trade dealers, their success in business and sales. We do believe in learning and it pays back.